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Residential Recycling

General Information

One - 15 gallon recycling bin is provided with garbage service in the city limit. It is picked up weekly on the same day as your garbage. For additional information about Recycling and Waste Reduction please contact our office at 541-267-2848 or 541-756-5211.

Acceptable Items to place in your recycle cart:

Plastics in the shape of a jug or bottle. NO LIDS. #1/#2 bottleneck only. Paper: clean office paper, newspapers and magazines.
Cardboard: cleaned flattened corrugated boxes
Metal: food and beverage containers, no lids.
Glass: all colors – glass bottles and jars. NO LIDS.

Unacceptable Items:

Aluminum foil
Food scraps, food-soiled paper or boxes
Plastic bags
Plastic take-out containers
Plastic trays (bakery, meat, etc.)
Plastic cups, plates or utensils
Styrofoam containers or pellets
Prescription vials
Paper towels, plates or napkins
Disposable diapers or rags
Ceramics or dishes
Light bulbs
Mirrors or window glass
Lids or caps
greasy or sharp scrap metal
Needles or syringes
Toxic containers (antifreeze, oil, syringes, etc.)

Remember: All recycle should be clean and free of food scraps.

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