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Residential curbside recycle service is available in all city limits and many urban growth boundaries. For those of you who live outside these areas we have recycle depots at our transfer site.

We estimate that an average of at least 30% of your trash can be easily recycled without much effort. Just drop these items into the blue or yellow bin.

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Les Sanitary Residential Cars


  • Paper products- corrugated cardboard, magazines, newsprint and high grade office paper.
  • Plastic- #1 and #2 clean bottle neck plastic. NO LIDS.
  • Tin and aluminum cans – NO LIDS
  • Glass bottles and jars are fine in the blue bin if your bin is not too full. Place them to the side so that your collector can get to them easily. Your collector will grab the glass jars and bottles first then will dump the remaining items in a separate compartment. If your bin is regularly full each week, we can provide you with a yellow glass-only bin.